Industrial Free Advice, Design
Procurement and construction supervision of the construction, installation and commissioning
Optimization of production lines and equipment, repairs and maintenance, design and implementation of industrial projects

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industrial machines manufacturing

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1 - Automatic cake production line y products nufacturing Line and bulkier corn products 
2 - Automatic cake production line
3 - standing and continued sorts of confectionery products
4 - standing and continued sorts of confectionery products
5 - production of water treatment equipment including RO systems
6 - softening of resin
7 - Mix of shortcuts
8 - sand and resin filters
9 -  tunnel and rotating drying m3/day
10 - Grape syrup production line
11 - Construction of linear filters for viscous materials
12 - three block machine for Yogurt
13 -  Automatic Shrink Pack manufacturing
14 -  Typical shrink pack manufacturing
15 - mono bloch machine
16 - Mineral Water Production Line
17 - the industrial, food and medical gases producing line (nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide)
18 - Chocolate producing Line
19 - carbon dioxide producing line
20 - Optimization of production lines
21 - steam Boiler
22 - producing lines improving
23 -   mushroom and compost Full Line
24 - Syringe Production Line
25 - fruit chopper Making
26 - consuming pomegranate seeds
27 - vibrator stuck pomegranate seeds
28 - Filler
29 - Pocket maker
30 -  ceiling polystyrene
31 - pet machine
32 - Sachet machines (sauce)
33 - cooler Tunnel
34 - the full line of shampoos
35 - Full Line of detergents
36 - All the Juice devices
37 - All the beer machines
38 - a full line of dairy products and pizza cheese
39 - All molding machines for plastics (blow and injection and metal)
40 - All sand devices and ...
41 -    micronized powder machine production line to 30 tons per hour
42 -  production line of iron ore powder hour to 30 tons
43 -  silica powder production line to 30 tons per hour
44 -  various minerals powder production line to 30 tons per hour
45 - Carbon steel castings weighing up to 5 tons
46 - turning parts up to 5/2 m
47 - Analysis of materials
48 - Production of parts casting, turning and milling and ...
49 - Modeling of Industrial Components
50 - Manufacture of quite complex and difficult parts
51 - fruit juice drinks full automatic production line
52 - wall panels full automatic production line (3D panel)
53 - Apparatus proposed idea or innovation, invention and research
54 - Full line of concentrates of pomegranate, grape, apple, cherry and ...
55 - Full Line of peach puree, apricot puree and ...
56 - Grain dryer plant Pomegranate - Pomegranate Press - mesh tank - tank balance
57 - The Production Line Juice Concentrate pasteurized and cooling - cooling pasteurized milk and dairy
58 - to cooling tower
59 - window and door production line machines
60 - rolling galvanized studs - for use on UPVC doors and windows
61 - types of manufacturing and industrial machinery


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Sanat tarrahan Engineering company


The first design center in the province in 1367


Free Industrial consultancy, design, engineering, procurement and construction supervision of the construction,


installation and commissioning


Optimization of production lines and equipment, repairs and maintenance,


The design and implementation of industrial projects, installations, factories and manufacturing drawing


Using software (Solid Works, Catia, Auto Cad and ...)


Technical training, education, engineering software (Solidworks, Fluent, Gambit, etc.)


CNC Milling and CNC programming and web site design and setup


Presentation and review of technical feasibility, financial and banking


Using Comfar III Expert software


 Implemented to optimize fuel consumption and power



The main activities of the engineering company for industrial designers and manufacturing industry.

More than 35 different

Procurement and construction supervision, installation and commissioning of industrial machines

More than 22 industrial units


More than 47 maps

Map construction and installation

More than 26 maps

Map manufacturing

More than 250 designs

Technical and financial feasibility









Engineer Ali Mohammad Sheikhlou


Mechanical (Design of solid




27 years of experience and more than 198 presentations and monitoring and evaluation plan


Collaboration with the group of teachers, engineers and industrialists


Former employee of west azarbayjan Agriculture department


Former lecturer at the University Professional and Technical


Province of industrialists in 1374


Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology Innovator in 1375


Achieved in several industrial projects in the country for the first time by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines


Evaluation and monitoring of certified production schemes, the ENIAC Tehran in 1371


With the permission of the Department of Engineering Services Industry, Trade and Mines


Licensed mechanical engineer to work in the engineering organization







ddress: unit 18-on 6 floor-aryan 3 building- South Khayyam Street –Orumia- Iran



tellfax: 0098-44-32223571                      cell phone: 0098-9143410325


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