Complication and productivity

Complication and productivity

One of the most important things that any organization should always pay attention to is to examine the performance, capacity and strengths and weaknesses to find the root causes of the problems and to address them. Complications can be done in different areas of the organization, and no matter how accurate they are, more suggestions and better solutions for the organization are presented

If there is a need for practical implementation of the problem, efficiency and profitability of up to 10%, and how can your profit and income be better than this

In this case, the 67-page checklist that is presented at the time of the contract is completed to complete your service, and the most important functions of this booklet are about productivity indicators Enhancement, staff productivity, process and strategy, determining the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, prioritizing problems, human resource recruitment, identifying and analyzing the environment, identifying practical solution solutions Problems, reducing costs and avoiding waste of funds. During the project management, the managing director of the company or the company and … and with the cooperation of the officials of the units of production and energy, quality, administrative and human resources According to a checklist completed with the counselor’s advice, and within one to two months, the Compliance Handbook will be delivered to the organization and … or the industrial unit, and will be provided by the Compliance and Prioritization Guide After 2 months of trial and profitability, in this case, for a period of 4 to 5 months, 50% of the profit is paid to the consultant. If you use this service, your monthly profit 70,000,000 / 70 Rials, in this case one year will be 840,000 Rials per year and 1680,000 Rials per year for three years … As your net profit is incredibly higher than your expenses, even for free. And profitable. They are the names of the top companies (13 industrial units) that use these services. You can see the company site

Managing Director: Engineer Ali Mohammad Sheikhloo (Mechanical Engineering – Solid Design)

With 30 years of work experience and with the cooperation of a team of engineers and craftsmen

Senior Specialist, Department of Agricultural Jihad Industries, Former Technical University Professor, Industrial Designer of the Province in 1374. The initiator of the Organization for Scientific and Industrial Researches of Iran in 1375. He has researched several industrial designs for the first time in the country under the Ministry of Industry and Mines – Certified to evaluate and monitor production plans (45-day period), from the Bank of Industry and Mines of Tehran since 1992 – has the first license of engineering services in the country – the unit of engineering and engineering in 2014 from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce- Has a license for mechanical engineering works with the base of the organization of the engineering system of the province

The names of superior industrial and production units in the city of Urmia 

Shahd water company

Iran Tak Company

۲Golbahar Company

Granite Granite Company

Azarnosh Bakht Company

Hello deis company

Damavand Stone Co

Eller Azarbayjan Company

Sun San Sahand Co

Tart Narin Company

Granite Company

Azarbayjan Aftab Company

Urmia granite stone industry